Meet the futuristic vehicle that will transport NASA astronauts

With Artemis approaching, the first manned lunar mission to the Moon in more than 50 years, NASA recently revealed the details of its new futuristic vehicle that will transport astronauts to the launch pad, as well as equipment.

Developed by American startup Canoo, the vehicles, which still do not have an official name, are 100% electric, carbon-free and have a cocoon shape. Three units will be manufactured and should be ready by June 2023, when the first tests should take place.

The idea is that they will be able to take fully equipped astronauts on a 12km journey from the Neil Armstrong Operations Center to Launch Pad 39B.

The Artemis manned mission should not roll out until 2024. Before that, NASA should make two exploratory missions, without astronauts, to our satellite – one of them, even, should be launched later this year.

In addition to marking the return of humans to the Moon, NASA will bring the first woman and the first black person to our natural satellite.

According to NASA, Canoo’s electric vehicles will replace the Astrovan fleet, vehicles developed in 1983, silver in color, and which transported astronauts to the space shuttle.

Astrovan at NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida (USA) with astronauts from the Atlantis mission - Nasa/Cory Huston - Nasa/Cory Huston

Astrovan at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida (USA) with astronauts from the Atlantis mission

Image: Nasa/Cory Huston

In the last manned missions launched from US soil, astronauts were transported by Tesla vehicles to the launch pad. On each occasion, the rockets were developed by SpaceX – both companies founded by South African billionaire Elon Musk.

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