New function can disrupt those who send a lot of messages

If you are part of the group of people who send a lot of messages through Whatsapp, know that the app may change that soon. What happens is that, in the next few days, the messenger must limit the number of recipients in the function of forwarded messages.

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In this sense, a message that was received by forwarding, for example, can only be forwarded to one group at a time. Until then, it was possible to relay a certain content to up to five contacts simultaneously.

With the change, the user will be able to send content to up to five contacts, with a maximum of one group among the recipients. Despite the restriction in relation to forwarded messages, it does not make it impossible for the person to reshare files as many times as they want.

Reasons for restrictions

according to the group Goalresponsible for taking care of WhatsApp, the arrival of the new function seeks to reduce the dissemination of fake news on the platform. In addition, the new limit for forwarding has to do with the company’s new feature, the WhatsApp Communitiesto be released soon.

The new functionality will allow users to bring together multiple groups of friends and create more organized spaces, apart from individual chats. The expectation is that within these communities administrators can send simultaneous messages to more people.

According to Meta, the WhatsApp communities tab, already tested globally, should only be launched in Brazil after the 2022 elections.

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