New iPhone 14 Pro leak reveals surprising format change

Prasert Krainukul_Getty

Prasert Krainukul_Getty

Apple’s iPhone 14 concept comes packaged in a more rounded design

iPhone 14 leaks have already revealed that Apple is preparing some big updates for its next-gen handsets, as well as taking some risks. And now we also know that the iPhone 14 Pro models will see a subtle but satisfying change.

Credit for the discovery goes to respected rendering artist Ian Zelbo (via AppleTrak), who found that Apple plans to make the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max “much more curved” than current iPhone 13 Pro models. Additionally, the format change is a fix for an existing iPhone issue that is subtle but – once detected – something you can’t help but see.

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“There is a quirk in the design of the iPhone 13 Pro,” explains Zelbo. “The radius of the phone’s corners does not match the radius of the camera’s collision (obviously an odd decision for a company like Apple, known for its cohesion). Apple rounds off the corners of the iPhone 14 Pro significantly, finally addressing the weird appearance of the iPhone 13 Pro.”

But that’s only half the problem. “Also, because the corners are more rounded, the screen corners are also much more curved,” notes Zelbo. He also explains why Apple made this change: the iPhone 14 Pro’s new oversized camera: “if Apple kept the same radius as the iPhone 13 Pro, it would result in a very jagged looking device.”

Zelbo made the discovery after studying leaked iPhone 14 Pro schematics, and pointed out that non-Pro models won’t make the same shape shift. Why? Because they’re going to keep last year’s camera technology, just like they’re going to keep the older chip.

And this is the dirty secret of the iPhone 14 range: the Pro models will make impressive changes to their features and design (including losing the notch), while the iPhone 14 and new iPhone 14 Max are essentially the iPhone 13 with just a little more RAM memory.

The relatively affordable new iPhone 14 Max should make up for that in the eyes of many Apple fans, but there’s no escaping the company’s plan to widen the gap between all its Pro and non-Pro hardware. And that will also be reflected in their higher prices.

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