Pre-candidates for the Plateau congratulate Emmanuel Macron

The current French president had 58.55% of the votes and beat the right-wing candidate Marine Le Pen, thus guaranteeing his re-election.

Pre-candidates for the Presidency of the Republic in this year’s elections published this Sunday (24.Apr.2022) on the result of the presidential election in France, which confirmed the victory of current President Emmanuel Macron over the right-wing candidate Marine Le Pen with about of 58.55% of the votes. Among the comments, highlights for the “defeat of the far right” and “rejection of extremism”.

Pre-candidate for the Presidency of the Republic by the PDT, Ciro Gomes, said that “Seeing the far right defeated will always be a reason for joy”. The pedetista wished Macron a good 2nd government and that he would help France to “take a better place in the world”.

The PSDB pre-candidate and former governor of São Paulo João Doria classified Macron’s achievement as “victory of democracy and rejection of extremism”. For the toucan, the 2nd French round was “a triumph of balance and commitment to the country’s progress, without radicalism”.

MDB pre-candidate and senator for Mato Grosso do Sul Simone Tebet stated that “Brazil needs the same path”.

Candidate Felipe d’Ávila (Novo) said Macron’s victory for the French presidency shows that “It is possible for democracy to defeat populism”.

Lula and Bolsonaro

Until the publication of this report this Sunday (24.Apr.2022), at 9:30 pm, the leaders in the polls, Lula (PT) and Jair Bolsonaro (PL), had not commented on Macron’s victory.

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