what to expect from the iPhone 14

Apple traditionally releases a new iPhone in September. Less than six months before the announcement date, the first rumors of what the iPhone 14, the next model of the brand’s cell phone, should look like.

In a report on Bloomberg, Mark Gurman, who specializes in covering Apple and has a high hit rate when reporting on the company, cites some of the features that should appear in the company’s next generation of smartphones.

In short, the iPhone 14 should have a new look (at least some versions), retire the mini version, in addition to having a much more powerful camera than its predecessors.

New look on some iPhone 14 models

The Bloomberg columnist says Apple has a policy of a three-year design cycle. The company debuts a new look in the first year, in the second only the “stuffing” of the phone is changed and in the third rolls the debut of a new design.

The current cycle is for the iPhone 12. So, the company is expected to debut a new look this year for the iPhone 14.

The big difference this time must be the notch (the cutout on the screen where the company places the camera and FaceID sensors. It will still exist, but it must have a pill format, which must allocate the sensor to FaceID, accompanied by a circle, where the selfie camera should be.

Instead of cropping, iPhone 14 Pro (right rendering) may have "hole and pill"  - Ian Zelbo/Reproduction - Ian Zelbo/Reproduction

Instead of cropping, iPhone 14 Pro (right rendering) may have “hole and pill”

Image: Ian Zelbo/Reproduction

The novelty, however, should only be present on the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max. The iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Max will continue with the same style as their predecessors.

Bye, iPhone mini

Some people were happy when Apple released the iPhone mini, a smaller version of the phone with a 5.4-inch (13.7-centimeter) screen. However, the model was not a sales success.

According to Gurman, there will be four size options for the iPhone 14:

  • iPhone 14 6.1 inch (15.5 cm)
  • iPhone 14 Max 6.7 inch (17 cm)
  • iPhone 14 Pro 6.1 inch (15.5 cm)
  • iPhone 14 Pro Max 6.7 inch (17 cm)

The differentials of the iPhones 14 Pro

Currently, iPhones 13 Pro have a telephoto camera with zoom, a lidar scanner (which helps in measuring 3D objects), a screen with a higher refresh rate (which helps a lot who enjoys games) and superior graphics processing.

For the next generation, higher-end versions of the iPhone are expected to have a 48-megapixel camera — the iPhones 14 will continue with a 12-megapixel sensor.

In addition, the Pro models must have the new A16 chip, while the conventional models must continue with the A15 chip.

Satellite connection

There have long been rumors that iPhones could have satellite connectivity. This does not necessarily mean making calls over this type of connection. The idea is that the phones have a connection to be able to report emergencies, when there are no connections to antennas in the vicinity.

According to Gurman, this same type of connection should be available on Apple Watches.

other rumors

Rumors have circulated since the beginning of the year that the iPhones 14 may have a titanium frame, giving the device more durability in falls. In addition, the company would be planning to redesign the speaker grills and microphones.

To avoid heating up, especially in more demanding tasks, the next iPhones may have a new thermal vapor chamber system, thus keeping the phone cooler and more efficient.

Until September, we should still have more rumors related to the iPhone 14. Officially, on June 6th, we will have WWDC 2022, Apple’s developer conference, an event in which the company shows news for its different operating systems. On occasion, the brand usually hints at what to expect from the company’s next generation of hardware.

*With information from Bloomberg

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