apps monitor sleep and help you relax

With the problems and the daily rush, it is difficult for many people to lay their heads on the pillow and sleep peacefully. If that’s your case, your smartphone might be able to help you (if you don’t spend hours on social media when you go to bed, of course).

Apps for iPhone and Android phones monitor users’ habits, play relaxing sounds and even help to lull babies to sleep. Discover some options.

sleep on it

Application in English that allows you to manage your sleep patterns by recording each day when you go to bed, how many hours you stay in it, symptoms (such as coughing, excessive tiredness or shortness of breath), medication and even your mood.

To get started, just tap the button Going to Bed (“going to sleep”, in English), so that he starts recording his sleep time. When waking up, just press I am Awake (“I’m awake”). It stores time and allows you to take notes associated with the quality of your night.

With this data, collected throughout the month, it creates graphs and helps you identify factors that get in the way of your nights, the best time to rest or even how long you really need to rest.

Includes alarm. Free for iPhone.

Nature sounds to sleep

Close your eyes and imagine that you are lying on a wonderful beach and that the only sound you hear is the water lapping on the sand. That’s the spirit of the Sounds of Nature app.

To use it, just choose between three audio options: o waves, waterfall or raindrops. It displays related images, but it is unlikely that anyone will be looking at them.

You must select the playback time, which ranges from ten to thirty minutes. Once that’s done, it’s time to put on your headphones and relax, until sleep comes. It displays advertising all the time and owes more audio options.

Free for Android.

Sleep Sheep Lullabies

To lull babies to sleep, this app features three virtual music boxes, as well as sounds that can be reassuring, such as a heartbeat or running water. Is your child one of those who always sleeps in the car? There is car noise too (and even a vacuum cleaner, who knows why.)

Parents can also customize the audio, recording their voice as they sing a song, for example.

When using it, remember to disable ringtone. Otherwise, you can wake the baby up with a call instead of putting him to sleep. Just tap the button with the phone symbol, which is at the top of the screen, on the right side.

Free for Android.

Free Relaxing Sounds

Birds, flute or harp can be a good soundtrack to sleep, meditate or just relax. The Relaxing Sounds app has more than 20 options.

But don’t be fooled by the “free” in the name. Although the application is free, it only plays a part of the songs. To unlock the functions and have the sounds completely, you have to pay US$ 0.99 (about R$ 4.57). With this value, you can also get rid of the hype of ads that the app displays.

Free (limited version) for iPhone.

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