Boat collides with humpback whale and tourists are thrown into the air; watch

Five people were injured, three were taken to hospital and one is in serious condition.

Reproduction / ZengerMexico
The video shows tourists being thrown from the boat.

A walk along the coast of Baja California, in the Mexico, did not end well. A guide boat carrying tourists collided with a giant humpback whale and was thrown into the air. Five tourists were injured, three of them needed to be treated and one in a serious condition, the other two were treated at the port, according to the Newsweek portal. The accident happened on April 22. The boat was making a trip to the Isla Espiritu Santo in the Gulf of California and returning to the port of La Paz when the incident occurred. toothCivil Police are investigating the boat drivers, as they need to stay at a safe distance from marine animals. “The whale emerged from the sea and that’s when it pushed the boat, with some passengers falling and sustaining injuries,” said Civil Protection spokesman Benjamin Garcia. There are reports that the vessel was above the permitted speed limit. Authorities were unable to determine whether the whale was injured in the accident.

Watch the video below:

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