Bom Jesus family fights for the transfer of two-month-old baby to Florianópolis hospital

With little more than two months of life, little Leon Gael has already been through several battles. He was born with esophageal atresia, which is an abnormality in the digestive system.. The problem is a malformation that occurs when the esophagus, the organ that connects the mouth to the stomach, has a closure at its upper end.

To correct the problem, with three days to live he underwent surgery at Hospital Joana de Gusmão, in Florianópolis. According to his mother, Jhenifer Paola Merlin, they were hospitalized for 34 days at this stage. After being discharged, the family returned to Bom Jesus, where they live.

“It was okay. On the 19th, we returned to Florianópolis for a post-operative return and the doctors who performed the surgery said that he was fine. The same day we returned home and he started with a very high fever. I only arrived in Bom Jesus and I brought him to the emergency room here in Xanxerê”, he explains.

The mother says that at the São Paulo Regional Hospital it was discovered that the baby had a fistula from the open surgery, and this caused pneumonia and infection. “Because of the pneumonia, he has not been able to breathe on his own since we were hospitalized, he is on oxygen”, comments.

Fight for a spot in Florianópolis

Leon has been in the ICU line at Joana de Gusmão Children’s Hospital since he was admitted to Xanxerê. What made the child’s family angry is that last Thursday (21), he would have vacated a bed in the Florianópolis hospital, but the transfer was not accepted.

“It was all right here for him to go. But soon after, the doctor on duty here called the hospital there and the doctor on duty at the Neonatal ICU [de Florianópolis] did not accept his transfer. She claims she sees no need to transfer to another side of the state, and said they will only accept the transfer if he gets worse. But the pediatrician here made it very clear to me yesterday that if the pneumonia gets worse, he won’t be able to take it”, she laments.

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Jennifer also says that since the baby was hospitalized, on Wednesday (20), she has not been breastfed. “It is only with hydration in the vein, because intravenous feeding is only allowed for ICU patients and he is still in the emergency”, she reports worried about her son’s health condition.

The family intends to contact the Public Ministry this Monday, seeking help to resolve the situation..

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