Campaign in Argentina advises young people to use ‘little’ cocaine

Message from the government of Morón, in the province of Buenos Aires, indicates low consumption to see ‘how the body reacts’; authorities file criminal complaints and criticize municipal action

Reproduction / Twitter @luispetriCampaign in Argentina
Material also gives other tips, such as the preferential consumption of marijuana in flowers and from “reliable sources”

A campaign running in the Argentina advises young people to use “a little” of cocaine to see “how the body reacts”. The controversial action, which led to a series of criticisms from the country’s authorities, took place in the municipality of moron, in the province of Buenos Aires. During a music festival, young people received leaflets advising them to go “little by little and slowly” in the consumption of music. damn it and synthetic pills. “Use a little to see how your body reacts,” reads the message prepared by the Morón Youth Policy Directorate. The material also gives other tips, such as the preferential consumption of marijuana in flowers and from “reliable sources”. According to a statement released to the local press, the campaign is part of a program aimed at “reducing risks and harm associated with the consumption of legal and illegal psychoactive substances”, approved last year by the municipal legislature. The proposal is to protect the health of those who consume drugs with “useful information”.

However, even with the justification, the campaign unleashed a wave of opposition criticism. “I want a state that teaches our children that cocaine destroys lives and families, not how to consume it,” criticized Ramiro Tagliaferro, the former mayor of Morón, as he posted a photo of the leaflet on social media. Deputy Waldo Wolff said he will file a criminal complaint against the Argentine city authorities for “crimes related to incitement and defense of drugs.” On the other hand, the opponent Jorge Macri, current minister of government of the city of Buenos Aires, highlighted that the province of Buenos Aires “lives the drama of drugs every day” and opined that “this problem cannot be allowed to be naturalized”. . “The situation is too delicate for the municipality of Morón to carry out a campaign to promote consumption among young people,” he said.

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