Cássia Kis leaves Globo by ambulance and is rushed to hospital at 64

The veteran actress had a sudden illness while recording for a Globo series

Despite being one of the most experienced and famous actresses in Globe, Cassia Kis does not fail to give his maximum at work even at age 64, however, the veteran’s determination ended up causing a tremendous scare during the recordings of GloboPlay’s series Desalma.

The work is recorded in the south of the country, where it is usually very cold and during a scene made at dawn, Cássia Kiss felt sick with a hypothermia crisis and was taken by ambulance to the nearest hospital in the São Francisco de Paula region.

The tense moment was revealed by the actress herself, during an interview to promote the new season of the horror series.

“We didn’t go there just for fun, we need that temperature[ cerca de 0º C]. In my first scene I ended up in the hospital, I had hypothermia“, revealed the Globo contractor, confirming the diagnosis that the doctor gave her.

I started to feel sick, didn’t know what it was. There’s a doctor, a nurse, everything there. There came a time when the nurse put her hand on me, [ela] It was very hot, I asked to warm my foot. I ended up in the hospital wrapped in a thermal blanket, they put a hot saline in my vein. We left there a day before -10º C”, reported Cássia Kis, who continued talking about the recordings in extreme conditions.

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“In the most difficult sequence, we shot at midnight, 1 am. It was the coldest night, production was in a panic. There was a little drop there to see if we wanted to warm up, it was not to get drunk”, said the actress, showing good humor with the situation.

Cássia Kis is the protagonist of heartbreak
Cássia Kis is the protagonist of Desalma- Photo: Disclosure

Cássia, who plays the witch The Hague, stated that the intense cold is essential for the most mystical scenes in Globo’s horror series: “[O frio] It collaborated a lot. It was wonderful, without that winter, it’s not possible“, concluded the famous.

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