Do you know neem oil? Discover its benefits and how to use it for skin health

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Novo Hamburgo, April 25, 2022, by Priscila Lampert – O neem oil is a vegetable oil extracted from the seeds, bark and fruits of a tree called neem. This product is very common in the production of natural remedies in India, after all it has several therapeutic properties. So today we are going to tell you more about this item, with its benefits and ways to use it.

In addition to the production of neem oil, the fruits and leaves of this tree can be consumed through teas. However, you should never ingest the oil, as its properties are for the external parts of the body and also help with other issues such as growing plants. So, if you want to know more about the numerous benefits and how to use the oil, keep reading and check it out!

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Know what it is and the benefits of neem oil

neem oil
Do you know neem oil? Discover its benefits and how to use it for skin health / Source: canva Pro

This oil is a natural remedy, with several properties that are good for the body as a whole. In addition, research indicates that it is great for fighting pests, insects and fungi in plantations.

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For health, as explained by Priscila Lívia in her text published on the website Folha Go, on April 6, 2022, neem oil has antibacterial, fungicidal, antibiotic, antiseptic actions and much more. Therefore, it is used in the treatment of skin diseases such as acne, chickenpox, wounds and allergies, as well as being a great natural insect repellent. In addition, it assists in the treatment of the scalp, to eliminate dandruff, seborrhea and also reduces oiliness and moisturizes the wires.

In plantations, this oil helps to fight pests, insects and fungi that deteriorate or damage plants. Therefore, when spraying it on plants, it acts as a natural repellent and helps in growth and development, without the intervention of parasites.

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Learn how and when to use it

The effects of neem oil on the skin are indisputable. So, the best way to apply it on the face is to mix it in a green clay mask and moisturize the skin when you notice that there is a lot of oiliness and the appearance of acnes and pimples. As for the hair, just dilute it with aloe and gently massage the scalp. This will help reduce dandruff and seborrhea and still moisturize the wires.

Now to use the neem oil in plantations, Casa & Agro suggests following manufacturer’s instructions or dilute 10 milliliters of the oil in one liter of water and apply directly where fungi and other parasites are observed. Thus, it is possible to ensure the healthy development of the plant.

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