Doctor details health status of mayor Ari Vequi, hospitalized with dengue in Brusque

The mayor of Brusque, Ari Vequi (MDB), remains hospitalized in the infirmary of Hospital Imigrantes. He was diagnosed with dengue on April 23 and is in the recovery phase. The mayor’s private doctor, Humberto Fornari, commented on the chief executive’s health.

According to Fornari, Ari is recovering well. The doctor believes that the mayor will be discharged in the next few days, although there is still no forecast. According to him, the tests showed improvement in health status. However, they are still within a framework considered critical.

“He is stable and improving. The complementary exams carried out this Monday came out better than those on Sunday. We hope that soon he can be discharged”, says Fornari.


Hospitalization did not occur because of the mayor’s clinical condition, but because of the hematological condition. When hospitalized, Ari Vequi was admitted to the hospital with very low platelets, with imminent risk of internal bleeding, as explained by Fornari.

The doctor also clarifies that it is not yet possible to say an exact date for discharge, as it depends on the improvement of blood tests. Fornari comments that the mayor has typical symptoms of the disease, such as fatigue.

“He’s fine, talking, always awake. Due to the disease itself, it leaves the patient very tired and with a lack of appetite. The mayor has all these symptoms. What led us to bring him to the hospital is the issue of changes in the exams,” he says.

After Ari was hospitalized, the deputy mayor of Brusque, Gilmar Doerner (Republicans), took over as interim mayor and will remain in office until the chief executive is discharged and resumes activities at the city hall.

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