Emotions and habits that cause high blood pressure

the high blood pressure is a health disorder that increases the chances of heart disease and, according to experts, can be caused by different habits and behaviors.

Among the main causes of hypertension, experts place poor diet, lack of exercise and exposure to situations stressful.

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There are multiple causes that can produce a change in blood pressure, from other basic health conditions like heart disease to emotions.

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Health experts have investigated how stressful situations, for example, can cause a sudden increase in of arterial hypertension at the time the emotion is generated, and also assess its long-term incidence.

Consequently, when the body is under stress it produces a series of hormones, which can temporarily increase the high blood pressure

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Following this line, it is essential to perform physical activity to reduce high blood pressure . Although a direct link between stress and blood pressure conditions such as hypertension or hypotension, it is clear that it has a certain degree of incidence due to the hormones that are produced in these situations.

That’s why experts say that doing activities that reduce stress and improve health can also have an impact on blood pressure, so they advise exercising between 3 and 5 times a week.

Finally, reducing salt consumption, eating more fruits and vegetables and hydrating frequently will be some of the habits to be implemented to avoid the hypertension . In addition, experts have claimed that cigarettes, for example, contain toxic compounds and stimulants that increase blood pressure levels. Therefore, among their advice, experts suggest reducing the consumption of stimulant substances such as alcohol, cigarettes, tobacco, but also taking care of food and avoiding unhealthy foods.

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