find out what are the symptoms of low serotonin

Serotonin is one of the most potent substances to interfere with human well-being. Its levels, when unregulated, can make human beings truly suffer. Likewise, when serotonin is up to date, mood and the feeling that life is good predominate. Check out signs of low serotonin in the body that deserve attention.

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Signs of Low Serotonin for Humans

It is worth noting that serotonin not only regulates mood, but also the quality of sleep, disposition, reasoning and vital functions.


1 – Tiredness and bad mood

If you always feel tired, lazy, impatient and moody, know that this could be a sign of low serotonin. The signs are even more evident if they occur in the morning.

2 – Stress and worry

Serotonin is an agent responsible for bringing more serenity and peace to the mind. So if you can’t concentrate, you’re always under stress and you lose your easy memory, stay tuned. Worry and high stress also signal low serotonin.

3 – Changed Appetite

Has your hunger shot up and you can’t wait to eat a nice piece of chocolate or devour several fast food snacks? These are very clear signs of sadness and anxiety. Sweets and carbs can replace some of the low serotonin, but they only mask the problem.

4 – Insomnia and difficulty sleeping

Another classic example of low serotonin is difficulty falling asleep and getting a restful night’s rest.


Lack of libido is a sign of low serotonin

If the urge to have sex is gone and you don’t understand why, it’s worth seeing a doctor. The cause of the problem may be directly linked to low serotonin in the body.

Attention: all information presented here is merely informative and does not replace the assessment of a professional. Whenever there is any suspicion of low serotonin, seek specialized care and follow the correct treatment indicated by the doctor.

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