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A secret Google project was discovered by the American press ahead of time: the Pixel Watch, the company’s first smartwatch, was apparently forgotten in a restaurant in the United States. The device allegedly named the Pixel Watch was found by a source on the website Android Centralwhich revealed the product images on Monday (25).

According to the news site, the source requested anonymity of his name and the restaurant’s location to preserve his job. On the other hand, he also stated that the smart watch was “weeks” waiting for the owner, who never showed up to rescue it.

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Supposedly Pixel Watch may have a minimalist look — Photo: Playback/Android Central

Still according to Android Central, the best possibility is that this must be an in-house testing prototype. If all these leaks are true, the Pixel Watch is likely to be released sometime in 2022, along with the Pixel 7, the long-awaited next generation of Google’s smartphone.

The images indicate a minimalist appearance, with a predominance of black and with the screen covering the entire top surface – as indicated by previous leaks. The following photo, for example, compares this supposed model with the 40mm Apple Watch and the 46mm Galaxy Watch.

Google Pixel Watch in the middle of Apple and Samsung models — Photo: Playback/Android Central

The supposed Pixel Watch has just one button next to the crown and a blue strap reminiscent of Apple’s sports models, which may suggest that it should have more colors available. According to the source, the screen should be 1.5 inches.

Photo indicates that Google’s smartwatch will have only one button in addition to the crown — Photo: Playback/Android Central

When trying to turn on, the device only showed the Google brand and did not move forward, which may indicate the lack of an operating system. However, the Android Central recalls that the model should come with Wear OS 3, which is being developed in partnership with Samsung.

Google’s famous “G” appears as soon as the watch is turned on — Photo: Playback/Android Central

The US press questions whether the smartwatch was really forgotten at the restaurant or if it was left on purpose to create a buzz among the brand’s fans, as the owner never returned to pick it up.

with information from Android Central and MacRumors

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