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Peruvian Prime Minister Anival Torres said this Monday (25) that the government will call a referendum to propose a reform of the country’s Constitution. The idea is to increase the role of the state in the economy.

“We have submitted to Congress a bill for constitutional amendments for the purpose of convening a constituent assembly that will draft a new text,” he said. The process, Torres said, is a long one, and the people will decide whether or not to convene an assembly.

This is one of President Pedro Castillo’s campaign promises. He and Congress are going through a popularity crisis.

As the Peruvian Congress is dominated by the opposition, the proposal is unlikely to progress.

President Castillo had already announced, this Friday, that he would send a project.

The ruling party blames the current Constitution, enacted in 1993 by then-President Alberto Fujimori, for being responsible for economic inequalities in Peru, by enshrining a free market model.

“We will send this bill that we are going to work on immediately,” Castillo said last week, speaking at a public session of the Council of Ministers in the Andean city of Cusco, the former capital of the Inca Empire.

On April 10, the National Electoral Jury (JNE) clarified that calling a referendum to approve a constitutional change requires prior approval by Congress by an absolute majority.

Castillo is a 52-year-old rural teacher who, as a candidate for a small Marxist-Leninist party, won the presidency in 2021 after a runoff against the rightist Keiko Fujimori, the former president’s daughter.

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