Health agencies and clinics in Piauí mourn the death of a doctor who died on the way to his honeymoon; see repercussion | Piauí

Glauto and his wife, publicist Lícia Dutra Tuquarre, got married on Saturday (23), in Teresina (PI). On Sunday (24), at 8:35 pm, the couple boarded at Guarulhos-SP airport for Doha, capital of Qatar, where they would stay one night before heading to the Maldives, where they would spend their honeymoon.

Before he died, a doctor felt chest pains and was rescued by passengers

However, on the way, during a flight to Doha, the capital of Qatar, the doctor began to feel sick, received assistance, but could not resist and died. The suspicion, according to family members, is that he suffered a heart attack.

Now, the government of Piauí, in addition to the doctor’s friends and family, are mobilizing to expedite the transfer of the doctor’s body to Brazil. Two officers from the Brazilian Consulate in Qatar went to meet his wife at the Doha airport and will be in charge of transferring the body, which, due to bureaucracy, should take about three days to arrive in Brazil.

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The Secretary of State for Health (Sesapi) goes public to express deep regret for the premature death of the oncologist Glauto Tuquarre, 49 years old, who worked at the Dirceu Arcoverde State Hospital (HEDA), in Parnaíba.

Glauto Tuquarre was an ethical professional dedicated to his work, who provided relevant services to the health of the State of Piauí. In this moment of sadness, we offer our solidarity and condolences to family and friends.

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Municipal Health Foundation (FMS)

The Municipal Health Foundation (FMS) regrets the premature death of doctor Glauto Tuquarre, which took place in the early hours of today (25), on a plane bound for abroad. Glauto was a doctor at Hospital do Satélite and also an oncologist, working in hospitals, clinics and faculties.

In this moment of pain, FMS sends its condolences and solidarity with the pain of friends and family, especially the wife with whom Glauto had married this Saturday (23).

Regional Council of Medicine (CRM-PI)

CRM-PI regrets the premature death of doctor Glauto Tuquarre Melo do Nascimento (CRM-PI nº 2245), at the age of 49, which occurred in the early hours of this Monday (25/04). To all family and friends, our support in this time of pain.

Union of Doctors of Piauí (Simepi)

It is with deep regret that we receive the news of the premature death of the oncologist, Glauto Tuquarre Melo.

Glauto graduated in Medicine at the Federal University of Piauí, in 1996, where he also completed his Master’s degree, in 2021. With a vast curriculum, with extensive experience in the field of oncology inside and outside Piauí.

Our fraternal hug to Glauto’s family and friends.

It is with great sadness that we announce the death of Dr. Glauto Tuquarre, an oncologist who was part of our team. At 49 years old, he has done a great job in health, helping many people throughout his career. Our sympathy to all family and friends.

Oncobem regrets with deep sadness the death of one of its most brilliant oncologists, Dr. Glauto Tuquarre. An experienced doctor, a professional of excellence, passionate about life and his family, he took care of each of his patients daily, seeking well-being and healing.

His legacy will continue to inspire all who have had the honor of living with his generosity, care and love.

Our solidarity with his daughter Júlia, his wife Lícia Dutra and all their family members. May God, in his infinite mercy, comfort the hearts of all.

Doctor dies on plane on his way to honeymoon in Maldives – Photo: Reproduction

Born in Amazonas and graduated from the Federal University of Piauí (UFPI), Glauto Tuquarre was specialized in oncology.

He had a master’s degree in bowel cancer and was a doctoral candidate in breast cancer recurrence (return of the disease after the patient is considered cured).

Considered an experienced professional, Glauto worked in Roraima and Maranhão, where he was also a professor at the state university, in addition to Piauí.

In Teresina, the doctor was a partner in a clinic and has also taught at medical schools.

Doctor Glauto and his wife Lícia who got married last Saturday in Teresina — Photo: Reproduction

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