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The family of the 15-year-old teenager, shot in the mouth at a motel in Vigia, in the northeast of Pará, said this Monday (25) that the her health is stable and what is reacting with improvements to medical procedures.

The crime took place on April 21, Tiradentes Day. There was another 14-year-old teenager and two Navy personnel at the scene.

The young woman is hospitalized in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of the Metropolitan Hospital of Urgency and Emergency, in Ananindeua, metropolitan region of Belém.

According to the family, Two more surgeries are planned for this weeksince they are being made by sessions: being an attempt to remove the bullet lodged in the spinal column and another procedure to reconstruct the jawwhich was badly damaged by the shot.

Teenager's friend shot in motel talks about what happened in Vigia

Teenager’s friend shot in motel talks about what happened in Vigia

In a statement, the Civil Police informed this Monday that the case is still being investigated in Vigia and that the investigation will be sent to Justice within the legal deadline.

Until then, one sailor involved remains in prison and another is being sought.

According to the Navy, disciplinary measures are being taken, following the decree that defines the Discipline Council in the Navy, and the State of the Military.

“The Navy is collaborating with the bodies responsible for the investigation”, says the corporation.

A sailor is arrested on suspicion of shooting a teenager inside a motel in Pará. — Photo: Reproduction

The crime took place on the night of the Tiradentes holiday, on Thursday (21). The 15-year-old was shot inside the mouth, in a motel room, where a 14-year-old colleague and two Marines were also present.

The Civil Police confirmed that the shooter is Gabriel Norberto de Almeida Lobo. He was booked in flagrante delicto and remains imprisoned in a Military Unit at the disposal of Justice, until bail is paid.

The soldier was in the service of the Navy in the city of Vigia. The other soldier, whose name was not released, fled and is wanted by the police.

The 14-year-old’s information differs from what the arrested military’s lawyer says. According to the lawyer Delduque Thiago, the sailor did not know that the teenagers were minors and the gunshot would have been accidental. But the version was denied by the teenager’s colleague, who was not shot.

The injured teenager was admitted to the Metropolitan Hospital of Urgency and Emergency in Ananindeua, in the metropolitan region of Belém. She had already undergone three surgeries, up to the weekend, and was admitted to the hospital with four of health considered serious.

Teenager is shot in Motel in Pará. — Photo: Reproduction / TV Liberal

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