How much sugar is in a mango?

How much sugar is in a mango? diabetes is a disease chronic disease characterized by an increase in blood glucose due to insufficient work of insulin. According to experts, there are different foods that will allow us to lower blood sugar and one of them has generated a great deal of debate.

is that the mango contains properties that place it as a superfood, ideal to avoid glycemic spikes, although others position this fruit as one of the highest amount of sugar per gram.

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Following this line, the truth is that 100 grams of mango provide 14 grams of sugar. But, at the same time, experts highlight its amount of carbohydrates to regulate glucose, being an excellent option in the diabetes . That’s why the fruit should be included in a healthy diet, especially in patients with this pathology.

THE mango is characterized as a fruit which offers multiple health benefits, such as regulating blood sugar levels, as well as being a source of vitamins, minerals, water and fiber.

In this line, an investigation determined that these fruits contain bioactive compounds, among which mangiferin stands out, an antioxidant that provides a beneficial effect on blood glucose, in the same way, they are rich in fiber, which can help reduce the absorption of glucose in the bloodstream.

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It also stands out for its fiber contribution, helping the work of digestion, controlling constipation, delaying the absorption of sugar in the blood and increasing the feeling of satiety after eating.

THE mango It is suggested by experts because it provides substances such as carotene and mangiferin, which make it rich in antioxidants, as it allows controlling blood glucose levels and can exert an antiviral action, strengthening the immune system.

This fruit, essential to treat diabetes it also contains natural carbohydrates such as magnesium and potassium, which are involved in our cardiovascular health, as they allow us to balance sodium levels in the heart.

Likewise, carbohydrates in mango provide small amounts of calcium, iron and phosphorus.

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