‘It was like a concentration camp’: Ukrainians report fear after being detained by Russians while fleeing Mariupol

  • Toby Luckhurst and Olga Pona
  • BBC News, Lviv

Olena and Oleksandr

Credit, BBC/Jonny Dunstan

photo caption,

Olena and Oleksandr in the relative safety of Lviv, after escaping from Mariupol

“You can’t imagine how horrible the conditions were.”

Oleksandr and Olena are two of the few civilians who have recently managed to escape Mariupol, which is now almost under full Russian control after weeks of bombing.

The city is effectively isolated from the world, and information about what is happening inside is difficult to independently confirm.

But the two, and other citizens, gave chilling accounts of life in Russia’s so-called “triage camps”, set up on the outskirts of Mariupol to house civilians before they were evacuated.

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