Man uses excavator to save dog from drift in Ecuador

A construction worker rescued a dog that was being carried away by the current in Ecuador. The group of workers managed to improvise the rescue with the help of an excavator after receiving a radio alert, according to the British tabloid Daily Mail.

In the video released, Abel Murillo saves the dog from being carried away by the current. He climbs into the bucket of the excavating crane and after waiting a few seconds for the dog to approach, the man takes the dog and puts it in the machine with him.

When caught, the animal still bites the man. “The dog was about to let go because, with the force of the water, the dog hit the bucket and wanted to go under it,” he said. “So what I did was I picked him up and he bit me, but only with a light bite,” he said.

Workers said they had collected and raised money to take the dog to the vet, who received treatment for inflammation and infection.

The content went viral on a social network and users praised the worker’s attitude. “It was nerve-wracking just watching. Amazing rescue!” read one comment. “Nature only protects us if we protect nature. And this coworker did a great job,” said another comment.

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