Nun who drinks 1 glass of wine a day is the oldest person in the world

Guinness World Records announced on Monday that a French nun has officially become the world’s oldest person at 118 years and 73 days old.

Sister Lucile Randon, born February 11, 1904, broke the record for oldest living person after the death of Japanese Kane Tanaka at 119 years and 107 days old.

Lucile, who took the name Sister André in 1944 when she decided to become a Catholic nun, is the third-oldest Frenchwoman and third-oldest European on record.

The nun lives a full life and in her youth she worked as a teacher, governess and took care of children during World War II. After the conflict, she spent 28 years working with orphans and the elderly at a hospital in Vichy, France, before turning to religious life.

She spent most of her life serving the church. The nun already held the record for oldest living nun.

wine every day

Sister Lucile now lives in a nursing home in Toulon, a port city in southeastern France. She is partially deaf and uses a wheelchair, but likes to keep her mind active.

“They wake me up at 7 am, give me my breakfast and put me at my desk where I get busy with little things,” Sister Lucile told Guinness World Records.

Staff at the nursing home said she still gets a glass of wine every day. “Your glass of wine keeps you going and maybe that’s your secret to longevity. I don’t know, I don’t encourage people to drink a glass of wine every day,” said an employee at the nursing home.

The oldest person ever, Frenchwoman Jeanne Louise Calment, was born in 1875 and died at the age of 122 years and 164 days.

In an interview with the AFP news agency, Sister Lucile’s adviser, David Tavela, said that the nun is a happy person, especially as she has had a life full of experiences and learning so far. And she still has a lot more to discover. “It’s just one more step, as her goal is to defeat Jeanne Calment,” she said.

With the Guinness title prominence as the oldest person, Sister Lucile has as her likely competitor, a 115-year-old Polish sister, who aims to catch up with the Frenchwoman.

Brazilian competitors

Even at 120 years old, Josefa continues to smoke and is doing well - Reproduction/Universa - Reproduction/Universa

Even at 120 years old, Josefa continues with the habit of smoking and is doing well with it

Image: Reproduction/Universa

After Kane Tanaka’s death, the Guinness Book announced that it would investigate who would be the oldest person who can now occupy the position left by the Japanese woman.

In Brazil, there are two women who call attention for their longevity, but who never had a recognized record. The first is Josefa Maria da Conceição, retired and former farmer who lives with her family in Maceió and turned 120 in February.

According to the children’s reports, consulted by the UOL in 2019, the elderly woman was in good health, especially with regard to her mind, as she showed full lucidity in her speeches. Despite this, Josefa has a habit of smoking, especially cigarettes made of straw, as she rejects industrialized ones.

Dedicated to the evangelical church, Dona Belinha completed 120 years in 2021 - Reproduction/Personal archive - Reproduction/Personal archive

Dedicated to the evangelical church, Dona Belinha turned 120 in 2021

Image: Reproduction/Personal file

Isabel Alves de Carvalho also has documents that place her as being 120 years old. She resides in Bacabal, Maranhão, and tries to maintain an active and healthy life, as she does not consume alcoholic beverages and tobacco. In addition to attending the evangelical church, to which she has been faithful for 50 years.

Isabel, nicknamed Belinha, celebrated another year of life last August with her family. According to relatives, each party has a special meaning, because it marks another year in which the elderly woman defies statistics. Even so, she makes a point of making the most of the celebration, and doesn’t give up her favorite dessert: cake.

“She likes to party. She was just looking for cake. She loves cake. Currently, she eats more soup and porridge. But she loves a cup of coffee with bread”, said Maria Reis, Isabel’s tutor.

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