Pilots try to switch between free-falling aircraft; watch video

posted on 25/04/2022 16:38 / updated 25/04/2022 16:42

  (credit: Playback/Youtube)

(credit: Playback/Youtube)

The first attempt of “Plane Swap”, in the United States, last Sunday (25/4), was not complete. Very common in movies, the feat of two pilots being able to jump out of planes in free fall, with engines off, and then return to the planes to land them safely, is risky and also unprecedented in history.

members of red bull aircousins ​​Andy Farrington and Luke Aikins were the first to test the “Plane Swap” and had planned the jump over 10 years.

However, only Andy managed, after jumping from the aircraft, to return and land the plane safely.

Luke’s airship, as soon as he turned off the engines and jumped, didn’t go into a steady fall and spun too fast through the air. So it wouldn’t be safe for him to try to get on the plane. He deployed the safety parachute to land as the aircraft went down.

Watch the video of the moment:

case will be investigated

The cousins’ attempt was even broadcast live on the company’s streaming service. huluin the United States, but, according to US portals, the country’s Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has opened an investigation into the case.

According to them, a request to exempt the event in which the attempt would take place from the rules of operational safety of airplanes was denied. The agency also warned that offering an exception to them would not guarantee that the operation would take place safely.

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