PS Plus will allow you to level up with ease

Sony Interactive Entertainment will launch the new version of PlayStation Plus on June 22 in Europe and you can join by choosing one of 3 different tiers.

If you are already a subscriber to the service, you will remain at the Essential level, without any price change, but you will be able to move to one of the new levels without major complications. Just pay the difference and you’ll be on a new level with access to the content that level includes.

According to emails sent to customers, PlayStation informs you that you will be able to transition to a different tier and the cost will be adjusted according to the time remaining on your current subscription.

As mentioned, Essential is a level with the same contents as the current service and costs 59.99 euros per year. PS Plus Extra is a tier that includes the contents of Essential, along with a catalog of games like Returnal and Miles Morales, for the price of 99.99 euros per year.

SIE will soon announce more games for PS Plus Extra, including third-party titles.

The top tier is PS Plus Premium which costs 119.99 euros per year. This level includes everything in the Extra plus 340 additional games, including titles from previous generations of PlayStation consoles and handhelds.

PS1, PS2 and PSP classics by download or streaming and even PS3 games by streaming is one of the main attractions of this level. One of the main highlights of Premium are also the demos that will be at your fingertips, allowing you to try out a variety of games.

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