see 7 myths and truths about food and high blood pressure

To reinforce the importance of preventing high blood pressure, the federal government celebrates, this Tuesday (26/4), the National Day for the Prevention and Combat of Arterial Hypertension. According to the Brazilian Society of Cardiology (SBC), 30% of the population has chronic disease.

About 90% of hypertensive people develop the disease due to genetic factors, but the condition is related to obesity, non-restorative sleep, smoking, sedentary lifestyle and excessive alcohol consumption.

“Life habits in childhood and adolescence, especially those related to the practice of physical activities and the choice of healthy foods, can determine the onset of arterial hypertension in early adulthood”, highlights doctor Alexandre Anderson, cardiologist at Hospital Brasília. Águas Claras/Dasa unit.

Despite not having many symptoms, when the pressure is too high, the patient may experience chest pain, ringing in the ears, headache and dizziness. About 70% of patients need medication to control the disease, says Anderson.


Check out seven myths and truths about the relationship between diet and hypertension

1 – Salt is the main villain of blood pressure

True, but not the only one. High salt consumption is related to increased blood pressure, but it is also bad for healthy people. Other factors such as smoking, alcoholism and physical inactivity are also linked to hypertension.

2 – Healthy eating fights high blood pressure

Truth. According to the nutrition coordinator at Fundação Pró-Rim, Jyana Campos, it is necessary to balance fruits, vegetables and grains, in addition to limiting processed foods and reducing salt consumption.

3 – Teas can control high blood pressure

Myth. According to her, no single drink can control hypertension.

4 – Substituting regular salt for light can help

Myth. Normal salt is sodium chloride, and light salt is potassium chloride — so this version is contraindicated for patients with chronic kidney disease. According to the nutritionist, any type of salt is bad, especially in large amounts. “The recommended is normal salt, the simple one, but little”, says Campos.

5 – Coffee and alcoholic beverages can influence blood pressure in predisposed people

More or less. Drinking coffee in normal amounts isn’t bad, but drinking alcohol is.

6 – A diet rich in ultra-processed foods can trigger hypertension and heart problems

Truth. The nutritionist teaches that, yes, in large quantities and very often, these foods can be harmful.

7 – People with hypertension should avoid pork for the amount of fat

Myth. Like other types of meat, just give preference to cuts that have less fat

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