Statue celebrating ‘friendship’ to be removed from Kiev

The City of Kiev will remove from the center of the city the Arch of Friendship of Peoples, a monument that celebrates the union between Russians and Ukrainians in the context of the Soviet Union, announced today the mayor of the Ukrainian capital.

“Russia has marked its attitude towards Ukraine with the brutal murders of peaceful Ukrainians, the destruction of our cities and towns and the desire to destroy our state,” said Vitaliy Klitschko, justifying the dismantling of the monument based on the Russo-Ukrainian War. .

At the end of February, Ukraine announced the end of diplomatic relations with Russia, after the Eurasians invaded Ukrainian territory as a result of Kiev’s military and economic approach to the West.

The monument, inaugurated in 1982, on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the Soviet Union, is composed of three structures, namely:

  • a bronze statue of two workers — one Russian and one Ukrainian — holding the Order of Friendship of Peoples, an honor bestowed during the Soviet era.
  • a rainbow-shaped titanium arch, about 50 meters in diameter.
  • and a granite monument representing the Treaty of Pereslavia, dating from the 17th century, the mark of Ukraine’s departure from Poland and rapprochement with Russia.

The sculpture with the workers will be removed from the site, while the monument alluding to the treaty will be covered up. According to the mayor of Kiev, the granite sculpture requires a “more complicated procedure” to remove, which will be done in the future.

The rainbow-shaped arch will remain in place, but renamed and with a new meaning, said Klitschko, noting that the structure will receive the colors of the Ukrainian flag – in this case: yellow and blue.

Map Russia invades Ukraine - 26.02.2022 - Arte UOL - Arte UOL
Image: UOL Art

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