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The Justice of the State of Texas, in the United States, decided to postpone the execution of Melissa Lucio, a prisoner because there are increasingly significant uncertainties that she actually committed the crime of which she is accused, that of killing her 2-year-old daughter. by beating.

The case attracted the attention of lawmakers, celebrities, and even jury members who convicted and regretted it.

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The Texas court has accepted Melissa Lucio’s lawyers’ request for an extension of execution so the court can review new evidence that could potentially exonerate her.

Which country uses the death penalty the most?

Which country uses the death penalty the most?

It is not yet clear when the court will begin reviewing the new evidence.

The initial date for Lucio’s execution was the 27th of April, the next Wednesday.

Melissa’s daughter Mariah died in 2007 in Harlingen, a city of 75,000 in South Texas.

The Texas Pardon Committee was going to consider Lucio’s request for clemency (this committee has the power to exchange the death penalty for a life sentence). Minutes earlier, however, the suspension of execution was announced.

According to Lucio’s lawyers, her conviction was based on an unreliable confession that was coerced into a relentless questionnaire. Lucio still has a history of being a victim of emotional, sexual and physical abuse. According to lawyers, she was not given a chance to question the validity of the confession.

Lawyers say false and unscientific evidence led the jury to believe that the 2-year-old girl’s injuries could only be caused by physical abuse, not medical complications after a fall.

The head of the local Public Ministry, Luisa Saenz, disagrees with Lucio’s lawyers’ argument. Prosecutors claim she had a history of drug use and that she even lost custody of some of her 14 children.

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