Three Sumatran tigers found dead in Indonesian traps – News

Three Sumatran tigers, an endangered species, were found dead in traps in western Indonesia this Sunday (24), informed the police.

Indonesian conservationists first located two dead tigers, trapped in cables in a trap, in the northern province of Aceh, and hours later police found, at a distance of 500 m, the corpse of a third, also with its paws. trapped in a wire.

“Our first hypothesis is that the tigers died when they fell into a wild pig trap because we found them with their paws caught in thick metal cables,” said Hendra Sukmana, a local police official.

“We strongly denounce this incident (…) and, if the autopsies reveal that the death of these protected animals happened by a premeditated action, we will react severely,” the head of nature protection in Aceh told AFP on Monday (25). , Agus Arianto.

Sumatran tigers are one of the most endangered species in the world, according to the International Union for Conservation of Nature, which estimates that there are only 400 of these cats left in the wild.

Deforestation has reduced the habitat of this species endemic to the island of Sumatra.

People kill up to a dozen tigers each year, some by poisoning, according to Indonesian authorities.

Tigers are also victims of poachers who sell feline body parts in China, a country where traditional beliefs attribute healing properties to these animals.

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