Understand what Wi-Fi 6 is and when you’ll be able to use it

The internet has exceeded expectations regarding the need for human communication, if before a communication took hours to reach a person in the same city, today it is possible to talk to someone on the other side of the world.

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Social media, e-commerce and the countless possibilities in the digital environment have raised the demand for connection improvement. In several professional activities, quality and speed are essential, seeking to ensure efficient processes.

With a processing capacity of 6.9 gb/s, 5G remains the best option on the market, but the 6G, which will still undergo some adjustments, can process 9.6 gb/s.

The version was released in September 2019 and stood out for the great advances and speed in research involving numerous tests. Its great differential lies in the OFDMA (Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiple Access), a system that divides a single signal into 30 different devices.

How does Wi-Fi 6 work and when will its features be available?

To reinforce, the advantage of the division by frequency is explained by the technological tool MU-MIMO (Multi User MIMO), responsible for forwarding necessary energy.

If someone is downloading a song using the same data network as someone else watching a video, the battery drain is not overloaded. This optimization is defined as Target Wake Time.

Finally, WPA 3 strong encryption helps prevent server attacks and strengthens other security codes used on the internet.

Anatel and other public bodies have already discussed the possibility of bringing the news to the country, however, the improvement of 5G is still an urgency. The MCTI (Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation) points out that from 2030 onwards this change will become a government priority.

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