Whale accident sends boat flying and leaves 6 injured in Mexico; Look

A vessel “flew” when it collided with a whale and left six people injured in the coastal city of La Paz, Mexico, on Friday (22).

Among the injured, at least one of them was thrown overboard. Three children suffered only minor injuries, two adults needed to be hospitalized and one person was taken by the Navy for treatment at a clinic.

In a video released by the Civil Defense of the state of Baja California Sur, it is possible to see the force of the impact and the people on board falling after the accident, with one of them being thrown.

Civil Protection spokesman Benjamin Garcia said the boat’s operators may not have known the whale was submerged in the area, which ultimately led to the accident.

“The whale came out of the sea and that’s when it pushed the boat, with some passengers falling and suffering injuries,” he said.

The site is known as one of the best spots in the world for whale watching between January and April, with species such as humpback, orca and the eastern Pacific gray whales found in these waters, according to the British tabloid Metro.

The country’s rules say that whale-watching boats must stay a safe distance from the creatures, and it will now be investigated whether the boat involved in the incident did not respect the recommendations.

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