4 foods that “steal” iron from your body

Eating well and healthy is essential for the body to function optimally. In this sense, it is always important to give preference to natural, whole foods and, preferably, organic.

What not everyone knows when it comes to food, however, is that some items can harm the nutrient absorption by the body, so it is necessary to try to avoid some combinations. Here are the foods that “steal” iron from your body:

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As milk is rich in calcium, it has the power to compromise the absorption of iron in your body. The ideal is, therefore, to avoid this ingredient at lunch and dinner, which is when we usually consume meat, beans, leafy greens and other products rich in iron.

Consume milk and its derivatives with at least an hour between main meals.


In addition to being a milk derivative and, therefore, also containing high levels of calcium, cheese is also a very fatty product. When we have a lot of fat in the body, iron absorption is also compromised.

The ideal is to consume leaner cheeses, such as Minas and cottage, and always with one-hour intervals between meals with more iron.


Yes, that coffee after lunch can impair your iron absorption too. The reason for this is in the presence of caffeine, which interferes with the retention of other important nutrients, such as vitamin C.

The secret is to always consume coffee in moderation and avoid drinking it right after lunch.


Yogurt is another milk derivative that is rich in calcium, so it has the ability to “steal” iron from your body. Prefer consumption at breakfast or as an afternoon snack, always with a few hours between lunch and dinner.

In order to have your nutritional needs assessed and, from there, a diet designed individually, make an appointment with a nutrition professional.

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