After complaints from residents, doctor is removed from Basic Health Unit in Guabiruba

After complaints from residents, a doctor from the Basic Health Unit in the Aymoré neighborhood, in Guabiruba, was removed from the service. The reason was the difficulty patients had to communicate with the professional, who has a hearing impairment. With the removal, at the moment the unit does not have a doctor available to assist the community.

The Municipality of Guabiruba became aware of the complaints and contacted the Ministry of Health to request the replacement of the professional, which is part of the Mais Médicos program.

According to the coordinator of the Basic Health Care program in Guabiruba, Michele Cabreira, the doctor was already using a hearing aid. However, in 2021 there was an incident with the equipment that burst in the professional’s ear.

“His situation got worse, it got worse. This year, as his situation worsened a lot, he was removed and is being followed up with specialists. We have already contacted the Ministry of Health to request an evaluation and perhaps place a new doctor in the vacancy”, he explains.

The professional had been working in Guabiruba since 2018 and was already using the hearing aid. “He used the device, but he could hear. Now he has made the situation worse.” The doctor worked as a general practitioner in the health unit.

Replacement of the professional

In order not to leave the community unassisted, the Health Department asked an outsourced company, which is a service provider for the city hall, for a new professional. However, the folder has yet to receive a positive response.

“They are trying to get doctors, but the company is also struggling to get professionals.”

Michele explains that it is not possible to say whether the replacement will be permanent or temporary, as the portfolio depends on the decision of the Ministry of Health. There is also no forecast of the regularization of the situation.

“The process has already been sent, with the complaints and demands we had from users. Now we only depend on the Ministry of Health. Without their position, the municipality and the Health Department have nothing to do, we can only hire an outsourced doctor to fill the gap, but we cannot make a decision without having the support of the Ministry of Health”, he points out.

As a result, the UBS does not have a doctor available to assist the neighborhood community. The coordinator guides the population to seek care at the hospital.

“Whatever is serious, people can look for the Hospital Association of Guabiruba for support. For prescription renewal and referral, people can ask the nurse or the unit’s nursing staff, as they will make the referral. We have a doctor who visits the municipality to be able to sign and renew the necessary prescriptions”, he concludes.

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