Bride Arrested in Florida for Mixing Marijuana in Her Wedding Party Food

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a woman from Floridain the southeast of U.Sended up behind bars after deciding to mix marihuana with the food served during your dinner in wedding in February, the local media reported.

The game, performed with the help from a buff hired for the ceremony, prompted the intervention of the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office in central Florida and the arrest of two women.

According to court documents, authorities went to the venue where Andrew Svoboda and Danya Shea Svoboda’s wedding took place on February 19 after several of their guests called to Emergency Room because they felt bad.

One such person, Douglas Postma, the groom’s uncle, assured agents that he noticed his heart racing and starting to have strange thoughts after eating Caesar salad, pasta and bread.

Postma’s wife had to be admitted to a hospital where THC, the main psychoactive component of marijuana, was found in her blood.

Miranda Cady, a friend of the bride, felt “her heart was going to stop” after eating bread with olive oil.

Realizing she was drugged, she asked the caterer, Joycelin Montrinice Bryant, if she had put marijuana in her food. She replied yes.

The bride confirmed the news shortly afterward, sounding enthusiastic about her prank, according to Cady’s statement to authorities.

The two women are accused of violating a state law against food tampering, marijuana distribution and negligence.

Both posted bail and will appear before a judge in June, news channel CNN reported.

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