Can feeling pain in sex be related to a woman’s age? – 04/26/2022

Yes. During the climacteric period (when changes in a woman’s reproductive life occur) or menopause (when menstruation ceases) there are hormonal changes that can cause discomfort during sex.

The decrease in estrogen, for example, causes a worsening in vaginal lubrication, which can lead to pain at the time of penetration. In addition, over the years, a woman can develop an atrophy of the vaginal wall, which becomes thinner and loses its elasticity, which contributes to the appearance of small cracks that cause pain during intercourse.

To get around these problems, adopting a healthier lifestyle, such as eating a balanced diet and exercising regularly, can help. Using vaginal moisturizers to improve moisture or using lubricants during intercourse is also helpful. In addition, there are even some hormone formulations that can be used for a few weeks to help the mucosa.

Talking to a gynecologist is therefore essential to better understand the causes of pain and find the best treatment.

It is worth mentioning that other factors, which do not involve age, may be behind the discomfort at the time of penetration. STIs (Sexually Transmitted Infections), for example, cause ulcers, itching or spots that cause discomfort. In women, the appearance of urinary infections is also very common, which can also lead to the reported symptom.

There is also vaginismus, a sexual dysfunction that causes pain on penetration. Most of the time, the cause is psychological and requires multidisciplinary treatment, that is, it involves a gynecologist and a psychologist. Contact dermatitis, due to the use of some moisturizers, intimate soaps, lubricants and other substances, leads to wounds in the intimate region and can also cause pain.

Sometimes the symptom is related to the partner. That’s because, over the years, men also lose some of the firmness of the erection, which can cause some difficulty and discomfort at the beginning of penetration.

Faced with so many possibilities, it is very important to seek help from an expert. The professional will carry out several tests to arrive at the correct diagnosis and indicate the best treatment to end the annoyance.

Also, talk to your partner about the symptom and don’t forget that sex goes beyond penetration. There are several ways to create intimacy and provide pleasure for both partners. Therefore, sincere and respectful dialogue is essential for the desired pleasure. If there is any difficulty, pain, doubt, in short, if it is not good, it is because something is not right.

Sources: Lilian Miuragynecologist at Hospital Marcelino Champagnat, in Curitiba (PR); Luciano Curucigynecologist and president of the CMAeSP (Medical College of Acupuncture of the State of São Paulo); Michelle Rodriguesgynecologist and head of women’s health at the HU-UFPI (University Hospital of the Federal University of Piauí), which is linked to Ebserh (Brazilian Hospital Services Company); Natalia Piovani Banzatogynecologist and professor at Universidade Positivo, in Curitiba (PR).

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