Covid-19: Paraíba has 35 patients hospitalized in reference units of the public network

So far, 1,509,499 tests have been carried out to diagnose Covid-19. (Photo: Reproduction)

The Secretary of State for Health (SES) recorded, this Monday (25), 54 cases of Covid-19, all mild. Now, Paraíba totals 601,512 confirmed cases of the disease, which are distributed across all 223 municipalities. So far, 1,509,499 tests have been carried out to diagnose Covid-19.

In this bulletin, 01 death was recorded, which occurred in the last 24 hours. Thus, the state totals 10,204 deaths. The bulletin also records a total of 445,685 patients recovered from the disease.

* Preliminary official data (source: SI-PNI, e-SUS Notifica, Sivep Gripe and SIM) extracted at 10:00 am on 04/25/2022, subject to change by the municipalities.


The death disclosed in this bulletin occurred on April 24 in a public hospital. The victim is a 52-year-old woman, resident in the municipality of Santa Rita, with a history of hypertension and smoking.

Vaccination Coverage

The application of 8,653,318 doses was registered in the SI-PNI Information System. So far, 3,498,417 people have been vaccinated with the first dose (86.19% of the total) and 3,276,169 have completed the vaccination schedules, representing 80.71% of the total population of the state. Of the total of vaccinated with the complete primary regimen, 3,190,519 took both doses and 85,650 used a single-dose immunizer. Regarding the additional doses, 45,894 were administered to people with a high degree of immunosuppression and 1,815,009 booster doses were administered to the population aged 18 years and over. Paraíba has already distributed a total of 9,134,144 doses of vaccine to municipalities.

Occupation of Covid-19 beds

The total occupancy of ICU beds (adult, pediatric and obstetric) in the entire state is 7%. Taking only the ICU beds for adults in the Metropolitan Region of João Pessoa, the occupancy rate reaches 6%. In Campina Grande, 1% of adult ICU beds are occupied and, in the hinterland, 0% of adult ICU beds are occupied. According to the State Hospital Regulation Center, only 01 patient was hospitalized in the last 24 hours. In all, 35 patients are hospitalized in a public reference unit for covid-19.

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