Horror moment: boat ‘flies’ after hitting whale and five tourists injured – News

At least three tourists were ejected from a boat and were injured after the vessel hit a whale off the coast of Mexico. The unexpected and frightening encounter took place last Friday (22).

The video shows the boat flying above the water at high speed as some of the tourists are ejected.

The accident was recorded in the Baja California Sur region, a famous tourist spot for whale watching. Apparently, they can get too close to the boats.

According to local media reports, three tourists were taken to a hospital and two others had minor injuries.

Authorities said they are investigating the accident. The main suspicion is that the captain of the boat got too close to the area where the mammals were and was still sailing above the allowed limit.

It is not yet known what species of whale launched the boat into the air, but the region is famous for the presence of humpbacks, sperm whales, orcas and even blue whales.

The Baja California Sur region is a protected place by the UN, which theoretically guarantees that neither large boats nor fishing boats will pass through there.

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