Man finds McDonald’s snack after 60 years hidden in wall

A man was left stunned after finding a partially consumed McDonald’s fast food meal inside a wall while renovating his home’s bathroom. The episode took place in Illinois, United States.

When breaking the plaster, the owner of the property, known only as Rob, came across a mysterious package, wrapped in a very worn paper wrapping and with decorative details from the famous hamburger restaurant. When he opened it to check the contents, he found a half-empty bag of potato chips and other wrappers that probably contained the sandwiches.

In his testimony to Newsweek magazine, Rob admitted that he felt relieved after he certified the paper bag had only the remains of an old snack, as he initially believed there might be something more sinister lurking in the wall.

“While removing an accessory in the bathroom, I noticed a piece of cloth stuck behind the cast and I pulled it out to show my wife. It was rolled up and we realized there was something else inside,” he said. “When we unwrapped it, we found the old McDonald’s bag and fries. We were very elated as we didn’t expect to find anything like this,” she added.

Even so, Rob became curious about the origin of this strange find and began to delve deeper into the history of his home and neighborhood. According to him, the property was built in 1959.

In his research, he found that the house is located near an old establishment that once housed, in the 1950s, a McDonald’s franchise unit, in Crystal Lake, 70 km northwest of Chicago.

“It’s very close to a McDonald’s that opened at the time, so I assume the snack was placed on our wall by the original builders,” he told the publication.

The restaurant’s former branding on the found wrapping shows a mascot holding signs that read “I’m Faster” and “Custom Burgers.”

Excited about the situation, Rob decided to share images of the snack on the social network Reddit. Many users were impressed with the discovery and played with the context, as for many of them, it’s not every day you find an old McDonald’s combo inside a wall.

One person who identified with the story wrote: “As a former construction worker, you would be surprised at the amount of potato chip bags, Gatorade bottles, coke bottles, fast food cups inside many of the newer homes. “.

A second stated, “Awesome. About 22 years ago we filled every wall cavity we could with beer cans when renovating our bathroom and kitchen. Soon we will be tearing this place down, can’t wait to find them.”

Other netizens “challenged” Rob to try one of the fries, taking into account that they are far beyond their expiration date, and share his reaction.

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