Monkey tries to kidnap child while she is playing

A child was playing with her scooter in the street when she was surprised by a monkey, who tried to kidnap her. The incident took place in the city of Chongqing, China. The information is from the New York Post.

A security camera recorded the moment when the child was walking carrying his scooter and was grabbed from behind, knocked to the ground and dragged by the animal. A person who was present saw what was happening and quickly ran to rescue her. Check out the video below.

The girl’s mother, who was cooking at home at the time of the incident, reported the case to local authorities who ensured the child would receive necessary care, including a vaccine, at a hospital.

Neighbors reported that the ‘kidnapper’ monkey is already known in the region for attacking several retirees in the last year.

The local police, in turn, said that the animal inhabits a mountain in the region and that despite numerous attempts, they have not yet been able to capture it;

See in the video below the moment when the monkey tries to kidnap the child:

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