Nicaragua expels OAS and closes its office in the country

In a letter, the Nicaraguan chancellor said that they will leave all the deceptive mechanisms of this ‘aberration’; withdrawal intention had already been announced at the end of 2021

YURI CORTEZ / AFPDaniel Ortega
Daniel Ortega informs the withdrawal of Nicaragua from the OAS

The government of Daniel Ortega closed on Sunday, the 24th, the office of Organization of American States (OAS) in Managua and advanced the departure of Nicaraguan representatives from the organization. The announcement was made by Nicaraguan Foreign Minister Denis Moncada, who informed that the country will immediately stop participating in the OAS and withdraw the credentials of its representatives in Washington. “Neither will this infamous organization, consequently, have offices in our country. Its local headquarters was closed,” he said. “THE Nicaragua expels the Organization of American States,” he added.

In a letter read in an official broadcast, Moncada said that “as of this date” Nicaragua ceases to be part of “all the deceptive mechanisms of this aberration, be it the Permanent Council, commissions, meetings, or the Summit of the Americas”. After the announcement, police officers were moved to “protection” in the surroundings of what was the OAS headquarters in Managua, according to photos and videos released by the state press. The OAS secretary denounced the “illegitimate occupation” of her offices, which she described as a violation of international standards, according to a statement posted online. “We will not have a presence in any of the instances of this diabolical instrument of the so-called OAS”, she assured.

The OAS offices “have historically been in our country and have been part of a historic process of pacification in Nicaragua. Offices representing the peace accords in Nicaragua were closed. The government is closing a door to peace,” he added. Nicaragua’s intention to withdraw from the OAS had already been announced at the end of 2021. However, according to the protocols, the withdrawal should take place within two years, so that Nicaragua could fulfill any outstanding commitments it might have with the organization. . “For now, Nicaragua is a full member and must fulfill all its commitments,” recalled the organization, which demanded that the government “respect the obligations that currently govern its relationship with the OAS,” says a statement.

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