Nicaragua to transform OAS headquarters in Managua into a ‘museum of infamy’

On Tuesday, the 26th, the government of Daniel Ortega declared the property that housed the offices of the Organization of American States in Nicaragua to be of “public use.” He also announced that the building will be turned into a museum after the organization is expelled from the country.

The building that was occupied by the OAS “has been declared of public utility and will be transferred to the State”, where, through the Institute of Culture, “the museum of infamy” will be created, said the vice president and government spokeswoman, Rosario Murillo, during her usual daily speech in official media.

“What is more infamous than this ministry of colonies?” added Murillo, referring to the regional organization, after confirming his “expulsion”, carried out on Sunday.

The three-story building is located in an exclusive area in the southeastern part of the capital, Managua, and, after the expulsion of the OAS delegation, it was placed in the custody of police officers.

Last Sunday, Nicaragua also advanced its departure from the OAS, from which it had already anticipated its withdrawal in November 2021, after the regional organization did not recognize the election of Daniel Ortega for the fourth consecutive term, with his main opponents arrested.

Nicaraguan Foreign Minister Denis Moncada reported that the country was immediately withdrawing from the OAS and would withdraw the credentials of its representatives in Washington. “Nicaragua is expelling the Organization of American States,” he assured.

The OAS General Secretariat had denounced on Sunday that the occupation of its offices was an “illegitimate” act and a violation of international standards. “Its offices, archives and documents enjoy the most absolute inviolability. Its violation by the Nicaraguan authorities makes them internationally responsible for its consequences,” she added.

The declaration of public utility to the OAS facilities is the latest episode in a series of events in the relations between Managua and the organization in the last four years, in the context of a political crisis triggered by anti-government protests in 2018.

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