PS Plus and PS Now subscribers will be converted to the new service based on the longest-term plan

Although PS Now does not exist in Brazil, there are users who have American accounts as their main accounts, as they play with them from the PS3. Therefore, the PS Plus plan may be subscribed to that account and users may wonder what to do with the arrival of the new PS Plus.

Today we have a news that involves PS Now for this doubt. Here’s what the official PlayStation website says about it:

If I subscribe to PlayStation Plus as well as PlayStation Now, what will happen to my subscriptions and payment dates?

If you subscribe to both services when the new PlayStation Plus launches, your subscription will be migrated to the PlayStation Plus Premium plan, and you will have a new, one-time payment date, which will be based on your subscription that had an expiration date. later. You will receive an email notification informing you of the new payment date and subscription fee.

In other words, according to Sony, if you subscribe to PS Now for just 1 month and PS Plus for another 2 years, for example, you will receive the PS Plus Premium plan for 2 years.

So if you subscribe to the US PS Plus plan and the subscription is far from over (and you don’t have PS Now), you might want to put 1 month of PS Now into your account. Obviously it depends on each case, mainly the remaining time of subscription.

The new PS Plus will launch on June 13 in the Americas.

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