Sony blocks God of War on NVIDIA GeForce Now on Xbox consoles

The NVIDIA GeForce Now service has received very desirable titles for gamers who own an Xbox console, as the service is available through the console’s Microsoft Edge browser.

Some of the titles that immediately arouse the curiosity of any Xbox player are obviously those that are not available in their ecosystem, such as Death Stranding and now recently Sony’s AAA God of War.

But as you would expect, and as happened with Death Stranding in 2021 when it was added to NVIDIA GeForce Now, God of War is also blocked when accessing the service through Microsoft Edge on Xbox consoles.

Santa Monica Studio recently came to announce that God of War was now available to be played on NVIDIA’s service, but did not warn that it would be locked on Xbox’s Microsoft Edge.

Gamers reacted promptly to Santa Monica Studio’s announcement, thank you Pure Xbox, noting that the game is locked in the browser on Xbox consoles.

It would certainly be a great way for Xbox console owners to play the great PlayStation titles, but that should never happen.

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