State begins selection process for Technical Residency in Public Health

The State of Paraná begins this Wednesday (27/04) the selection process for residency in Public Health. 330 vacancies will be offered from the Technical Residency program (Restec) in Public Health Management, for newly graduated professionals in several areas.

Registration continues until May 12 and can be done through the website of the Distance Education Center of the State University of Maringá (UEM), THETHU.

The initiative, the result of a partnership between the General Superintendence of Science, Technology and Higher Education (seti) and the Secretary of State for Health (sesa), involves public resources in the order of R$ 17.3 million for the cost of grants for residents and administrative expenses of the program.

The objective is to qualify state civil servants and workers from different areas for specialized knowledge and to promote the professional improvement of recent graduates through the postgraduate course. (Lato sensu).

The technical residency includes the Specialization Course in Public Health Management, offered by UEM, in the distance learning modality. With 510 hours, the postgraduate course will be fully funded by the State. In addition to residents, 72 places are reserved on the course for state civil servants.

“We invest in the qualification of recent graduates who will work within the health system, which will directly reflect on the services offered by the State to the population. The integration between higher education and the health system goes beyond the walls of universities in Paraná”, said the Secretary of State for Health, César Neves.

THE notice Restec Public Health Management provides vacancies for the following professionals:

  • nurses,
  • pharmacists,
  • veterinary doctors,
  • nutritionists,
  • dentists.

Other professional classes complete the list, such as:

  • administrators,
  • architects,
  • systems analysts,
  • social workers,
  • biologists,
  • communicators,
  • accountants,
  • economists,
  • statisticians,
  • physical therapists,
  • pedagogues,
  • psychologists,
  • agronomists, civil engineers, electricians, mechanics and sanitary engineers.

To apply for the vacancies, those interested must have completed the undergraduate course in the last three years, in their respective professional areas. During the development of the course, between June 2022 and May 2024, professionals will develop 30 hours per week (six hours a day, Monday to Friday) of practical activities in person.

The training consists of ten subjects, covering basic and specific modules, in the administrative areas, health care and promotion, health surveillance, specialized care in the Unified Health System (SUS) and pharmaceutical assistance in the SUS. Students should develop course conclusion work (TCC) in the form of a Technical Application Project, pointing out suggestions for improvements related to aspects identified during the practical activities.

The selection of candidates will be in a single stage, through an online test, to be held on May 26 and which will have an eliminatory and qualifying nature, with a maximum duration of two hours. There will be 20 questions totaling 80 points and ten questions totaling 20 points. To qualify, candidates must obtain a grade equal to or greater than 60 points.

Of the 330 vacancies, 192 residents will be directed to the 22 Health Regionals of Paraná and 138 professionals to various organizational units of the Health Department in Curitiba.

Currently, with a total of 773 residents and involving various government agencies, seven Restec programs are underway:

State University of Ponta Grossa (UEPG)

– Public Management, Engineering and Environmental Management and Engineering and Public Works;

State University of Western Paraná (Unioeste)

– Rural Economy;

Paraná State University (Unespar)

– Cultural Management;

State University of the Midwest (Unicentro)

– Management in Tourism and Innovation, Digital Transformation and E-Gov.

Restec in Management of Environments Promoting Innovation, promoted by Unicentro, is in the selection process; and Restec’s enrollment in Public Security Management, by Unespar, will begin next Sunday (1st).

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