The 4,500-year-old goddess statue found by a farmer in Gaza

  • Yolande Knell
  • From BBC News in Jerusalem

4,500-year-old sculpture depicting the Canaanite goddess Anat, which was found by a farmer in the Gaza Strip

Credit, BBC/Rushdi Abualouf

photo caption,

Anat’s statue is now on display in one of the few museums in the Gaza Strip.

A stone statue of an ancient goddess of beauty, love and war has been found in the Gaza Strip.

Palestinian archaeologists say the head of the Canaanite deity Anat dates back to 4,500 years, the late Bronze Age.

The discovery was made by a farmer who was digging on his land in Khan Younis, in the south of the range.

On social media, some Gazans scoffed that finding a statue of the goddess of war is appropriate in the region. In recent years, the area has been the scene of intense conflict between Israel and militant groups in Gaza, which is ruled by Hamas.

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