Which juice boosts immunity? 5 natural options to make at home with ease

Salvador, April 26, 2022, by Elen Camila — The immune system is an important factor when you want to catch up on health. If it is weak, it causes a series of problems and even diseases, which are difficult to treat. Therefore, it is important to strengthen your system with the daily intake of foods rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals, so that you are always in your best shape. With that in mind, the AgroNews set aside a space for you to learn which juice boosts immunity.

We know that fruits and some vegetables are used daily in partnership to produce juices that are a little different from the usual ones, but that are even more beneficial for having the combination of vitamins from fruits and vegetables. Therefore, on April 30, 2020, nutritionist Daniela Cyrulin published an article on the UOL website about which juice boosts immunity. So, if you want to catch up on your health, start including these juices in your diet.

Which juice boosts immunity?  05 natural options to make at home with ease
Which juice boosts immunity? 05 natural options to make at home with ease (image: pexels)

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Which fruits boost immunity?

Eating fruits can be a simple and practical act that is already part of the daily lives of thousands of people. It is much easier to ingest nutrients when you need to eat something tasty. Therefore, it is important to know which are the best fruits to boost your immunity and how to consume them in your diet.

Citrus fruits are rich in vitamin C and, therefore, are great for the immune system because they are rich in antioxidants, they also fight the action of free radicals that weaken the body and make it prone to the action of invaders. So, it is good that you bet on acerola, kiwi, orange and lemon.

Avocado can also be a good complement, as it is rich in vitamin E and some minerals, you can consume this fruit as a vitamin or side dish as well. But in addition to fruits, foods like ginger, garlic, dark vegetables, tomatoes and salmon are perfect for those looking to boost their immunity. You can think of a very green leafy dish with salmon and citrus juice.

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Juices that boost immunity quickly

One of the qualities of the juice is that, in addition to hydrating it, it can be easily transported in a bottle and consumed anywhere, which can be easier than ingesting just the fruit. In addition, the blend of ingredients can provide a potent juice to give you the energy and nutrients you need in your busy daily life. So check out these tips on which juice boosts immunity:

  • Carrot, orange and lemon juice;
  • Strawberry mint smoothie;
  • Green juice (from leaves);
  • Papaya, avocado and oat smoothie;
  • Tomato juice with lemon.

Betting on one of these natural juices is a great option to start the day, but there is no secret to making juice, you need to consider the amount that seems adequate for your consumption. Betting on ginger and avocado can also be a good idea, create your own juices with foods rich in vitamins, explore and innovate, but always taking care to take the recipe to your nutritionist so you don’t make a mistake about it. which juice boosts immunity.

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