Amazon releases Alexa app for Windows users in Brazil

Amazon releases Alexa app for Windows users in Brazil

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Amazon announced that the Alexa voice assistant is now available in Brazil for PC users. The app runs on Windows 10 and 11 systems and can now be downloaded for free through the Microsoft Store.

By invoking “Alexa”, the user can ask to listen to music, consult the weather forecast or activate timers. With the assistant it is also possible to check the calendar, create reminders or stay on top of news, all through voice commands.

According to Talita Bruzzi Taliberti, country manager of Alexa at Amazon Brazil, the feature allows users to take the device with the smart assistant anywhere, whether to different rooms in the house, whether to take them to work or on a trip. “Artificial intelligence is easy to use for everyone, even those who are not very into new technologies: you just need to talk to Alexa”, said the executive.

Alexa Show Mode

The Alexa app for Windows also features “Show Mode”, which extends the interactive experience by making the PC screen show hints – via messages and images – in the same way as on Echo Show devices (available here). The feature can be activated by voice or the “Show Mode” button in the app.

As with other Amazon devices, the app also lets you control smart home equipment. For example, it is possible to ask the PC to turn the lights off/on or activate devices that have smart sockets.

Regarding privacy, Amazon points out that the application uses multiple layers of protection, including the possibility of deactivating the “hands-free” mode – disabling voice activation –, in addition to viewing, listening and deleting voice recordings.

App lets you bring the Alexa experience to PCs
App lets you bring the Alexa experience to PCs

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