AMD Ryzen 7000 with support for DDR5 memories faster than 12th Gen Intel Core

Ryzen 7000 processors should only support DDR5 memories

The Ryzen 7000 line, with a new AM5 socket and 5nm lithograph, should arrive at the end of the year. Now, memory maker Apacer points out that processors Ryzen will support, by default, DDR5-5200Mhz memoriesa value that is higher than the base presented by 12th generation Intel Core CPUs, with 4800MHz clock in DDR5.

It is important to note that the published values ​​refer to the standard clock via hardware warranty. However, nothing prevents Ryzen 7000 processors from supporting even higher frequencies with DDR5. AMD itself has already commented that the 7000 line, codenamed Raphael, will cause a stir in the market with its overclocking results.

To deliver what it is promising, AMD has developed the Ryzen Accelerated Memory Profile (RAMP). A new profile for overclocking DDR5 RAM memories, aimed specifically at the AM5 platform and which should compete with the rival Intel XMP 3.0 specification. According to the company, RAMP will bring new adjustments for DDR5 memories, which must be specific to the memory controller of the Zen 4 processing architectureused in Ryzen 7000 series CPUs

AMD Ryzen 7000 CPUs should only support DDR5

According to information gathered by the hardware site Tom’s Hardware, the new AMD processors should not support older memory formats. Something that can lead the user who is eyeing new CPUs to need to upgrade the DDR4 memory to a DDR5.

So far, AMD has announced that the AM5 platform will support technologies such as PCIe 5.0 and the DDR5 interface, but has not confirmed whether DDR4 support will emerge as an option. Tom’s Hardware website pointed out that: “We have confirmed through multiple sources in production chains that X670 and B650 AM5 platforms only support DDR5 memories”.

Although we cannot rule out possible support for DDR4 memories, everything indicates that AMD should encourage the adoption of new memories with its new line of processors. Although DDR5 memories are not much into account, the changes proposed by AMD may encourage other manufacturers to reduce memory prices. That is, of course, if the market response to Ryzen 7000 processors is positive.


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Source: Videocardz, Tom Hardware

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