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Apple confirmed to TechTudo what started producing the iPhone 13 in Brazil. It is the company’s most recent cell phone in the traditional version. Despite this move, the price of the iPhone 13 remains the same, at least in the company’s official store. Other models – such as iPhone 13 Mini, iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max – continue to be imported from other countries.

The American giant did not explain the reason for the decision. However, it is possible to conjecture that the measure is linked both to the company’s usual schedule and to the external scenario of electronics supply.

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iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Mini side by side — Photo: Disclosure / Apple

Regarding the usual schedule, it is known that Apple maintains production lines in the partner Foxconn, in São Paulo. Traditionally, the company announces the new iPhones in September, starts selling them – still imported – in Brazil in October and later starts local production of the most desired models.

A source with extensive knowledge of the market told TechTudo that the company always does, keeping the price range. “They lose some money while bringing imported and then earn more from local production. National manufacturing has tax breaks. Some taxes are waived,” this person explained.

The external scenario has to do with restrictions in countries that normally manufacture iPhones. In China, for example, some analysts believe that half of Apple’s top 200 trading partners face impacts of lockdowns pandemic-related regions.

In addition to Brazil, the technological manufacturer also expanded manufacturing in India by 50% in recent times, according to local press reports. About 1 million iPhones made in India were provided in the first quarter of 2022, according to market consultancy CyberMedia Research.

iPhone 13 Pro Max is imported — Photo: Thássius Veloso/TechTudo

Current catalog prices do not change. The 128GB iPhone 13 is listed for R$7,599 on the official website, including the new green color. Customers can still opt for versions with 256 GB (R$ 8,599) and 512 GB (R$ 10,599) storage.

It is worth noting that Brazil has a very dynamic smartphone market. Official values ​​serve as a kind of ceiling, as consumers find good values ​​at other retailers – including Apple’s partners – and packages that are often interesting also at telephone operators. People looking for maximum discount should still search cashback offers.

In the video below, check out the summary about the iPhone 13

Overview about iPhone 13

Overview about iPhone 13

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