Brazilian reports tension and leaks in lockdown in China

Brazilian DJ and influencer Luana Pinho, 34, reported the desperation for the lockdown imposed by the authorities in Shanghai, China, to prevent the spread of covid-19. Even with three doses of the vaccine, the population remains confined and it has not been out on the street for 32 days, causing tension and even residents fleeing to the airport.

“Shanghai looks like a city at war, but without weapons. What we’re going through would make a great Hollywood series or movie,” she told O Globo newspaper.

Luana is locked up at home with her boyfriend, a dog and two cats. At the end of March, the confirmation of two cases in the building where she lives left everyone unable to leave even to walk inside the condominium for 19 days. The current blockade has no end date.

The influencer said that she has friends who have not been to the supermarket for 40 days, and have only received a basic food basket from the government so far. There are two options for making basic purchases: making the purchase over the internet, where they are released at certain times of the day and there is a fight to buy, having to enter the site very early to get the essentials, or participate in collective purchases carried out by the condominiums.

The last time she did work outside the home as a DJ was on March 5, where she played at a Brazilian party. Luana just didn’t imagine that, the very next day, a new quarantine would start in Shanghai. “Since March, we have more than 600,000 infected in Shanghai. The situation has gone out of control. But we are vaccinated, what they are doing makes no sense,” she said.

She describes this new confinement as much worse, because of the behavior of Chinese authorities, including separating parents infected with covid-19 from their children. “They sealed up buildings and put up metal barriers to separate neighborhoods. The only people we see on the streets are volunteers, who look like astronauts and police the citizenry.”


The DJ stated that some people managed to escape, claiming they were going to the hospital. “The foreigners are perplexed and scared. Some managed to escape at first, lying. They said they were going to a hospital and, in fact, were on their way to the airport. A taxi there was costing about R$3,000,” he said.

Luana participates in WhatsApp groups with Brazilians who also live in Shanghai and says that everyone is stressed and the only reason they didn’t go hungry was thanks to the neighbors. “I hope they feel ashamed of everything they’re doing to everyone here. This is all very surreal,” she concludes.

China adopts a policy called “covid zero”, imposing tough restrictions on movement to control covid-19. Yesterday the country recorded 29,609 new cases of the disease, an average of 29,353 in the last seven days.

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