Cape Verdean airline becomes the newest operator of Embraer jets

ACIA Aero Leasing announced today (27) the delivery of an Embraer E190 E1 in leasing for Bestfly Worldwide, based in Cape Verde. The delivery, which took place at Embraer’s re-delivery center in Macon, Georgia (USA), marks the introduction of this type of aircraft into both the lessor’s and the airline’s fleets.

With the rental company’s three ATR 72-600s already in operation at Bestfly, the E190 became the airline’s fourth leased aircraft. During the 2021 Dubai Airshow, Bestfly signaled that it would order up to four aircraft of the Embraer model as part of its portfolio growth project.

The E190 delivered has the Bestfly livery and will enter service soon in Cape Verde’s connectivity with West Africa and the Azores.

Nuno Pereira, CEO of Bestfly, commented: “We have been working diligently with our ACIA partners to expand our portfolio. The delivery of this particular aircraft is very special for us as it is the first E190. This solidifies our entry into the regular service segment.”.

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